Detail - XXI 1 - The Future
Detail - XXI 1 - The Future
Detail - XXI 1 - The Future
Detail - XXI 1 - The Future
Detail - XXI 1 - The Future

XXI 1 - The Future

Acrylic on cotton
November 2016
135 x 94 cm



In October and November I worked on an underground canvas for a new work. I used two shades of blue, white as well as a substrate for embedding rust dust and larger rusty metal pieces, which I brought from Malta last year.
The drying then took four days.

On Thursday, I kept reading Leonard Cohen's death, while I was standing next to myself on this unfinished work, and I was watching myself. In these moments I realized that this blue background is life. Pure life. Optimism and confidence. The rotting metal, all rust is past, transience, death.
These emotions belong together.

In radioeins followed songs by Leonard Cohen, and I knew: this is the picture of my favorite song from Cohen - "The Future". I finished it with two verses of the song on the screen.

To add to that, I like to listen to Bob Dylan. Dylan has always been unapproachable to me; A person who knows and teaches, as a person barely tangible.
Cohen, on the other hand, touches my heart, some songs throw up regular feeling bubbles. You are touched, deeply moved !

PS: Here the music video for "The Future":


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